Fair Trade Hoodies & Tops Now At www.thekraftylady.com !

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well!

Summer is finally here and Festival Season is well underway! For those of you who didn’t know, Download Festival starts this weekend – whilst you’re there grab yourself a copy of The Festival Guide (which usually comes with a load of cool free stuff), and keep an eye out for our advert with a special discount code! We haven’t seen it ourselves yet, so let us know what you think! :-O

I also wanted to tell you about the new hoodies, tops & party hats we’re selling – all of them are 100% Fair Trade and NO CHILD LABOUR was used at all. Every one of them is handmade and unique so no one will be wearing the same design as you! You can view all of our new items here: http://www.thekraftylady.co.uk/products_new.php?page=1

I’ll let the party hats speak for themselves… but we think you’ll like them 🙂 There are also plenty of other festival goodies to stock up with this Summer, including the ever popular rubber poi and ball poi, more ear stretchers, tobacco pouches, fab Fair Trade shawls to keep you warm on those chilly evenings and lots more being added all the time!

I also want to thank everyone for your support once again; it’s been a tough year so far with lots going on behind the scenes and it’s been great to know that we’ve got so many lovelies behind us! 🙂

I hope all of you have an absolutely fantastic day and enjoy Download, or any of the other festivals you might be attending this weekend! Until we speak again… adios! 🙂

Viki and Paul



Fairtrade Fortnight & 10% OFF @ www.thekraftylady.com!

I hope you’re well and are enjoying 2009 so far 🙂 It’s turned out to be quite a busy year for The Krafty Lady – hence the reason we haven’t sent an update out for a while! I’m sitting in my lovely new organised office now, so it’s looking to be a good year! 😀

I just wanted to tell you about Fairtrade Fortnight which is taking place over the next couple of weeks. You can find out about all sorts of cool events going on in your part of the world by logging on to http://www.fairtrade.org.uk and going along to take part. We’re also joining in by offering 10% discount when you spend just £5.00 or more during Fairtrade Fortnight at http://www.thekraftylady.com, http://www.thekraftylady.co.uk, or http://www.thekraftylady.fr . Just type the following code in at the promo code box on checkout and 10% will be magically deducted from the total!


I’m currently listing all sorts of exciting new Fair Trade products, including bags, wallets, hats… and even poi! And you may haave noticed the body jewellery section is looking a bit low – keep checking back over the next couple of weeks for some fantastic new products and ranges! There’s lots to be excited about.

Also please keep an eye out for our ad and promo code in the new Festival Guide which is out in May, and we’ll once again be donning the purple shirts to take part in the London Bridges Walk for Kidney Research UK in July; a 7 mile walk which takes us over the bridges of London – hopefully with better weather this year, although it still didn’t put us off! See our Gallery Page for photos of last year’s event, and if you’re feeling generous please go to: https://www.kidneyresearchukevents.org/profile.aspx?a=1705436132410025504 and sponsor us; the money goes directly to Kidney Research and you can even Gift Aid your donation to make it more worthwhile. We want to thank everyone that sponsored us last year – we raised over £300 for Kidney Research UK, and plan to beat that with £500 this year! 🙂

So that about wraps it all up for now – we’ll be in touch very soon with more updates, but in the meantime thanks for sticking with us and have a fabulous Fairtrade Fortnight!

Viki and Paul

DIY Jewellery & Ear Stretcher Kits @ www.thekraftylady.com

Hey all, wow, what a mental day…

They said on the news this morning that it is expected to be the busiest day for online retailers – I didn’t take them seriously enough! We’ve nearly sold out of Fair Trade scarves and gloves, so grab them whilst they’re here!

 Anyway, I fought through most of the parcels and packages and survived the day, and even found the time to list the new ‘DIY Jewellery’ section. It’s full of little bits and bobs that you’d normally have to pay a lot for and buy in bulk to customise your accessories! However, we’ve done it more like a pick ‘n’ mix section to make it cheaper and more interesting for you guys and girls 🙂 We’re still trialing the section at the moment, so you’ll see things being added (and taken away!) pretty frequently. Please pop by and take a look!

I’ll also be adding our first lot of ear stretcher kits by the end of the week, starting with spikes and omegas but the range will be expanding all the time from the new year. And look out for some really exciting belly bars coming in very soon as well!

Well, I hope you are all enjoying the festive season so far… Drop by and see us at www.thekraftylady.com, www.thekraftylady.co.uk or www.thekraftylady.fr and we’ll give you a very warm welcome, a virtual mince pie and some top service! 😉

I’ll be back soon with some more updates, but thought I ought to keep you lot posted and well-informed!

Have a great week, folks… until next time……..

Viki & Paul

VAT Discount @ www.thekraftylady.com


I hope you are well. Wow, the 1st of December already – time has really flown by this year! And of course, today the VAT rate has been reduced making shopping a more pleasant experience throughout December! 🙂

At The Krafty Lady we do not meet the VAT threshold, and we pass those huge savings on to all of our customers every day – because we don’t pay VAT, neither do you. But, to keep inline with new lower VAT rate, and because we value all of our customers, we have provided a 2.5% discount code which you can find on the front page of the shop, or at the bottom of this email. You simply type it in to the Promo Code box at checkout and it will automatically be deducted for you!

You can find out more about why we don’t pay VAT on our VAT page, in the right-hand column of our website.

We’ll be in touch again before the festivities begin, but in the meantime have a fantastic December and happy shopping! 🙂

Viki and Paul


Lost in the Blinding Whiteness

The whiteness… the endless…ness… Stretching on beyond the huuuuuman imagination. Desolation of the soul. OOOH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!

That pretty much sums up my feelings over the past few weeks. I knew that running a business would be hard work, and I love it – don’t get me wrong! But I am finding it hard to make a choice between working hard and keeping in touch with my friends – something I appear to be pretty crap at recently 😦 So I’ve decided that for the next few weeks I’ll be working one 24 hour day a week so that I can use the quiet of night to reply to all my friends and keep up with what everyone’s been up to!

Apart from feeling a bit low because we’ve both been missing out on some serious ‘friend action’, the shop has been through a lot of changes – all good, we hope! So things on that front are very well indeed. The front page has had a bit of a move around so you’ll notice that certain links are on the other side of the page now! We were getting so many categories that our other pages like our stretching guide and charity page links were disappearing off the bottom of the page so that’s been sorted out now which is great news.

We’ve also had so much new stock into the shop it’s been hard to find the time to list it all! But we got there in the end. There’s some great new ranges – including more surgical steel ear tapers than we’ve ever had before, including spikes in various sizes, claws and some very cool “nail” effect 4mm stretchers!

There’s lots of new sterling silver jewellery, some very cool pewter Gothic pendants, new Gothic armoured rings (which are pretty hardcore!), LOTS more bags including coffin vanity cases, new coffin wallets, Fair Trade bags and wallets….. so quite a lot! In other sections of the shop you’ll find a much wider range of things – our incense and candles section is slowly being added to and we’ll be extending the range in there soon. Also if you’re a bit of a schmoker on the quiet check out the new R2-D2 Bongs! They’re really funky – also got some other great bongs and some awesome little pipes in there. Again we’re expanding our range all of the time – especially aince I’m constantly frustrated that we haven’t got enough stuff 🙂

So it’s a really exciting time for us right now, if a little busy! It’s also really great to see the Facebook groups and fanpages are going up – would love to see some more people at “Ning”; our own social network (http://thekraftylady.ning.com) but it’s so nice to see the huge amount of support we have. Even more so as I haven’t had time to keep in touch with everyone recently, so everyone’s been really patient with me and I really, REALLY appreciate that.

On that note I will be emailing out to our Facebook friends this week to give them our brand new 10% Discount promo code – so if you want to be in on that you need to join our Facebook group – just search for “The Krafty Lady” in the search bar and our group and Fanpage will come up!

That’s about it for now – there’s lots more to write about but I am in such a hurry once again to get some more bits in the shop and have it looking nice! Hope to see you all at Ning and on Facebook, and thanks again for all of the support and kind messages we have had so far!

Closing the eBay Shop and Other Tales…..

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to find five minutes to sit down and write out our Blog… Where to start?!

The launch of the new website went really well – so well, in fact, that we have decided to close down our eBay shop. You can still find us doing charity sales on eBay – just look for our new user ID: thekraftylady-vikiandpaul  (I know it’s a bit of a mouthful!). You’ll also find a few wholesale/job lots on there, which are leftover bits from the old shop – lots of bargains to be had…..

We’ve found some awesome items to put in the shop, and I’ll be able to get back to making things throughout the next couple of weeks, so they’ll be lots more handmade items available, as well as loads of cool clothes and accessories. It’s so exciting! But it has been really hard work, although it’s all good fun! Paul’s going to be making some more things out of wood soon, and I’m really looking forward to being able to list those in the shop. He’s been working really hard recently doing our bathroom – we haven’t got one at the moment! Which has proved to be a bit of a nightmare to say the least…. but we’re well on the way to having a new one put in – yay!

We’ve also been having some fun setting up The Krafty Lady Kam – our new webcam which shows what’s going on at The Krafty Lady HQ! It’s not switched on all of the time (thank goodness, I’m not great to look at first thing in the morning!), but it’s definitely worth a look – if only to prove that we ARE working hard!

And we’ll be getting out and about a bit more in the next few weeks, which I’m looking forward to – including a visit to the Terracotta Army at The British Museum for my birthday, so that should be really nice. I’m also planning on getting out in the garden soon and planting the first of our crop for this year… The weather has been so beautiful here I can’t resist going out in the garden and getting some fresh air! I’ve already planted some herbs indoors, so hopefully that’ll be keeping us busy over the next few weeks, too!

So, all-in-all a busy but exciting time for us all! If you haven’t checked out the new website already then you should! 🙂  I’m listing new items everyday and although it’s being populated slowly the stock is growing all of the time. We’d love to put your pics up in our gallery page too, so take a snap of yourself with our items and email them over to: thekraftylady@googlemail.com – can’t wait to see them! 🙂

Get Ready for The Launch!

Friends, Romans, Countrymen (and women!) – I am proud to announce that I have seen the new website! Oh yes, and what a funky one it is too…. We’re going to be taking it offline to populate it with really funky things over the weekend, but as of NEXT WEEK www.thekraftylady.co.uk will be fully functional and taking orders! Yay!

Exciting times lie ahead – we’ll be looking for some new clothing ranges soon and getting them on the site as soon as possible. All of your favourite things will still be available; body jewellery, celtic jewellery, Wiccan/Pagan items, gifts, incense, candles…. the list could well be endless! And we’ll be adding lots of shiny NEW items that you’re all hopefully going to LOVE!

We’re so excited, we can hardly contain ourselves! We’ve worked hard for this moment and it has finally arrived – thanks to everybody who’s supported us throughout – and we hope to see you at The NEW Krafty Lady HQ soon!

I’ll be Blogging the official launch date in the next couple of days, so keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned for more info….

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