Ear Stretching FAQs

I’ve been getting heaps of ear stretching queries lately, apologies to all of those whom I have taken so long to reply to! So, I thought I’d put this Ear Stretching Frequently Asked Questions section in the Blog so you can find answers to some of the questions you might be longing to know the answer to! And if your question isn’t here or you feel you need a more in-depth answer feel free to pop along to our forums at www.thekraftylady.com – it’s free to sign up or you can log in using your Facebook account – simples!

Please remember if you’re under 18 you need your parent’s permission before you can stretch your ears, and even if you’re not under 18 please have a serious think about stretching before you embark on your mission! Ear stretching should be taken as seriously as a tattoo or any other body-altering art form. Potentially, you could carry the most fantastic lobes around with you for the rest of your life… or the scars. Think, be Sensible, be Slow! 🙂

What is Ear Stretching? It sounds painful….

Done properly, it’s not! Stretching means gradually, (and I mean gradually!) stretching a piercing in your body over a long period of time to enlarge the hole naturally, by means of a metal ear taper or stretcher spike. The stretcher spike is slipped in the hole slowly over a period of days to enlarge the hole. Once it has healed the process can be repeated with a larger stretcher. Providing the correct amount of time is left in between stretches this can be repeated until the lobes have huge holes in them. Funky jewellery can be worn in the hole. People have been stretching  for hundreds of years and for various reasons. Some tribes stretch for religious reasons or tradition, but Westerners tend to stretch more for fashion! Commonly, it is the ear lobes that are stretched, however other piercings can, and have been stretched; such as the nose!

How do I stretch my ears?

Visit my page, “A Beginner’s Guide to Ear Stretching“, for advice on the process of ear stretching itself.

How long do I need to leave it before I can stretch my ears again? / How long does it take to heal after I’ve stretched my ears?

Everybody wants me to say that in a matter of days you’ll be wearing funky 8mm UV acrylic plugs… this isn’t the case, so don’t stretch your ears if you’re not prepared to wait! Everyone is completely different – some people will heal quickly, others won’t. Whether it’s the first time you’ve stretched your ears or not, you always need to wait until it has healed before you stretch again. It can take from 1-3 weeks for an ear which has been stretched to heal on the outside, but should be left for 4-6 weeks, (or more if you have the patience!), for the tissue to heal inside before stretching again or changing your jewellery. Of course if you’re not stretching again you can start wearing those funky acrylic UV tapers after about a month to six weeks. So many people try to stretch before their ears are fully-healed and this can cause problems later on, so take the time to wait for your ears to heal before you stretch again or put funky jewellery in.

Which material should I use to stretch my ears?

It’s very important to choose the right one to stretch your ears with – whether it’s the first time or the tenth time! You’ll have to wear this until your ear is healed, so for about a month to six weeks. Titanium, Niobium, 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, Teflon, and Glass are the best materials to use as they all have excellent antibacterial properties. Surgical steel is the most common, and also one of the cheapest materials. Never use acrylic, wood, or other porous materials as they aren’t antibacterial and could cause a nasty infection in your ear! Once the ear has healed fully, you can use any of the materials on the market – from acrylic to clay, but these should NEVER be a permanent substitute to the materials mentioned earlier as they are not antibacterial and can cause fungal infections if left in the ear too long.

You should also be using a straight taper rather than crescent or other type of stretcher as it is far easier to insert and will cause less stress on the ear. Once it’s healed after 4-6 weeks you can change the jewellery 🙂

Which other materials can I use in my ear once it’s healed?

There are numerous stretchers on the market including horn, bone, wood, gemstone, acrylic and clay. Most of these are perfectly safe to wear for a short amount of time, (eg. a weekend), but should never permanently replace the antibacterial materials that I mentioned above. When choosing clay ear stretchers, always make sure that the clay used has the European Standard EN 71 part 5 and bears the ACMI-Seal AP “non toxic”.

I can’t find really big stretchers – how can I stretch larger? / How can I stretch to a large size without stretching my budget?!

Stretchers tend to be reasonably priced until you start stretching above 20mm, ( I should know, we sell them!). And often, a large metal taper is far too heavy in the ear when stretching to a large size – if you can find large tapers at all. This is probably the only time that you can break the rules slightly as to which materials you can use to stretch your ear.

When stretching to a large size, it is acceptable to use acrylic tapers but you can also use your previous stretching jewellery. To do this, you will need some PTFE (teflon) tape. You can then wrap the teflon taper around the taper to expand it to the size that you require. Just remember that when you take the taper out for cleaning you must change the teflon tape around the stretcher to keep it clean, and clean the taper as usual. If any irritation occurs whilst using this method you need to stop immediately and remove the taper. It is common for Teflon tape to stick to the ears and surprisingly, Bondage Tape which can be bought in most adult stores or online is a perfectly good alternative! Again, don’t forget to renew the tape everytime you clean the taper and lobe.

Making your own tapers is never really a good idea, so try and stick to the mthods and materials mentioned above – there’s lots out there!

How do I care for my stretched ear? / How do I clean my lobes? / What do I clean my lobes with?

Keep it clean! That’s really the first thing you have to remember. It’s really important to wash it AT LEAST twice a day. You can use unfragranced soap, a salt water (saline) solution: (1/4 teaspoon of sea salt to 8oz of boiled water), or a specific piercing cleaner such as Dial soap; recommended by lots of piercing specialists. It doesn’t matter which of these you use, or you can use a combo of all three, but you must keep cleaning. Salt water and soap can dry the skin out, but you can replace any lost moisture with some Olive Oil or Vitamin E oil – both are good for your ears and should be massaged in regularly. Try to avoid vegetable oils as these can go rancid quickly!

To clean the ear, make sure you have cotton wool or kitchen roll handy – you’ll need to use new cotton wool or kitchen roll for each ear lobe if you have stretched them both. Always remove the taper completely to clean the ear because you’ll need to get inside the lobe as well, as this is where the discharge will build up and could cause fungal infections. Also make sure that you clean the taper as well, and dry the taper and ear thoroughly before reinserting the taper.

You also need to twist the taper every so often, with clean hands, to ensure the taper doesn’t stick as it is healing. Once the ear has healed after 4-6 weeks, you can start taking the jewellery out for a short time each day. This is really important to let your ears relax a bit. The jewellery can put a lot of pressure on the tissue in the ear and this could eventually lead to your lobe ‘thinning out’ . When you first start stretching you may want to leave the jewellery out for a short amount of time (ten minutes or so), but the bigger you stretch the longer you need to give your ears a break for. If you’re above 6mm (2g) then you should be able to leave them out all night. You should never remove the jewellery in the first 4-6 weeks of stretching, (except to clean), as it will cause a strain on your ear and could cause some tissue damage.

If you have problems getting jewellery back in after you’ve cleaned your lobes try massaging the lobe with a warm cloth or warm fingers, and use a small amount of lube, (Vitamin E oil, Jojoba, Emu oil or even water; NOT petroleum-based like Vaseline), but not too much as it it could slip out of your hand and cause damage! 🙂

My ear is bleeding! / I’ve ripped my ear!

You have stretched too quickly! If this is the case then you need to remove the taper immediately, or at the very least downsize, (unless you have split the ear in which case remove the taper completely), and ensure that you use the cleaning tips above to clean the ear at least twice a day. Your ear will also benefit from being soaked in a warm water bath; get a bowl of warm water and a cloth and hold it up to the affected ear for 10-15 minutes. You shouldn’t even attempt to stretch or change your jewellery for at least 4-6 weeks until the ear has fully healed, and when the time comes check the lobe throughly to ensure it is ready to be stretched again.

Your ear should never bleed as you are STRETCHING it, not PIERCING it! However if it does then follow the steps above and let it heal completely before partaking in anymore stretching activities! If you experience major discomfort after a couple of weeks even with cleaning, then you should visit a pericing specialist or doctor and get them to take a look to ensure there’s no infection or permanent damage there.

My ear is leaking pus! / My ear is leaking gunk! / There’s white stuff coming out of my ear!

Unfortunately, ear stretching comes with its downsides and this includes the gunk and discharge that will come out of your ear! White pus is usually ‘lymph’. This fluid is a sign that your ears are healing, but you should always treat ‘gunk’ as a sign of infection to be on the safe side, as it’s difficult for me to distinguish what is an infection and what isn’t without taking a proper look. If you are worried about your ears, visit a piercing specialist who will be able to take a look and give you a diagnosis based on what they can see.

You need to make sure that you keep the ears super clean. Take the taper out and clean the inside of the lobes, as well as the taper itself. If the ear is swollen and painful you should downsize the taper or take it out completely. If there is no pain and no swelling, then the gunk is probably just dead skin cells which build up inside the ear so there is probably no need to downsize or remove the taper (except for cleaning). Wash the ears at least twice a day with a salt water solution and massage Olive Oil or Vitamin E oil into them to help the tissue heal more quickly and stop the cleaning solution from drying the ears out. You’ll need to leave them for 4-6 weeks to heal properly, however if the ears are swollen, painful and leaking pus after a couple of weeks you should take yourself to the doctor to get some antibiotics as you may have an infection in there.

Sweat and dead skin cells are the worst culprits for causing ear gunk, and these should be cleaned out regularly; even when the ears are healed. If not these can lead to smelly fungal infections. Pus can be both a sign of healing or infection, so always take precautions in this case. It is also common for a clear fluid to leak out of the ear – again this is usually a sign that it’s healing but as I said before all unknown gunk should be treated as an infection to be on the safe side, unless a piercing specialist has seen it and told you otherwise. 🙂

Most of these  fluids can be tamed or avoided completely by regular cleaning.

I need to take my ear stretchers out for work/school – is this okay?

In the first 4-6 weeks of ear stretching it is NOT okay to take them out, except for cleaning. The constant stress on your ear will probably stop them from healing up properly and will also be painful when re-inserting the taper. If you have a job or go to a school that won’t let you wear ear tapers, then you should consider whether it’s worth having them at all. It is not a part-time body modification!

Once the ear has healed, 4-6 weeks or more, then it is possible to leave the taper out. You might want to leave it out for just ten minutes or so to begin with, but once you have stretched to a larger size or your current hole has been healed for a long time you should be able to leave the taper out all night without the hole closing over. It is recommended that you do this at least a few times a week when you have healed ears as this gives them a chance to relax and keeps the lobes healthy.

What is the MAXIMUM size I can stretch to so my ear will go back to normal? Will my ear go back to its normal size?

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I answer this question, people never seem to want to hear the answer! 🙂 It is generally said that 8mm is the maximum you can stretch to if you want you ear to go back to normal, however this differs for EVERYBODY – some people will heal quickly, others will take longer and may not grow back at all. The best advice I can give anyone asking this question is NOT to stretch unless you are completely sure it’s what you want to do – just because your friend’s healed up doesn’t mean it will be the same for you!

Think of stretching your ear in the same way as getting a tattoo, rather than a body piercing – body piercings can grow over fairly quickly and become invisible in a  matter of months, where as tattoos will stay with you for life – unless you have surgery to get them removed. The same applies to stretching; often only surgery can fixed stretched lobes, and once you’ve had the surgery you won’t be able to decorate your ears again, as body piercing experts won’t pierce damaged tissue.

Don’t be put off by this, but think carefully before you stretch, and don’t just do it because your friend thinks it’s a good idea! 🙂



  1. Nice post–I agree that the most important thing is to go SLOW! Very, very slow, o you risk blow out or thin spots which would make it impossible to ever stretch properly.

    Also, THINK before you stretch–what will you be doing in your life ahead? I talked to one guy who was lamenting because he planned to go into the firefighters academy and he had to get his ears surgically reconstructed after stretching.

  2. Thanks! And yes, I agree – I only put this up yesterday so I’ve got a lot more work to do on it yet, but I have to add a bit abut people only stretching if they want it enough – the amount of people that ask me what the maximum stretch is…. don’t do it if you want normal ears! LOL! 🙂
    Ooooh, yes, I’ve talked to people who have had to have their ears reconstructed – nasty business! Thanks for your nice comment 🙂 I’ll be adding more to this section soon!

  3. you’re welcome. I think there will be a lot of people facing reconstruction and tattoo removal in the future, sadly.

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  5. My boyfriends ears are stretched up to 18mm and he has a large ”nugget” of skin on the back of each ear (like the inside of the ear has come outside) – can and if so where can this be removed? It will need to be cut off. Hope you can advise me.
    Cheers Ren x

  6. For my first time I put in 2 mm wooden (don’t know what their called) swirly things… It was about 5 days ago, and one of my ears is having a bit of trouble healing I think because the other looks closer to the end of the process… I have been taking them out and cleaning my lobes with hydrogen peroxide twice a day… Am I doing this right??? :S

  7. Hi apologies for the delay!
    It sounds like your boyfriend has had a blow out, which means that the lobe was stretched too quickly. This is caused by the pressure on the lobe and the skin deforming itself and popping out (usually at the back) of the lobe.

    It sounds like the ear has healed this way and unfortunately the only advice I can offer is surgery – please do not attempt to cut this off yourself! Your boyfriend needs to see his doctor who should recommend him to a surgeon where he can get the skin removed. He should also downsize his jewellery in the meantime, or, better still, remove it completely.

    Stretching too quickly is really damaging long-term, so if he does decide to stretch again please make sure he does it slowly! 🙂

  8. Hello! First of all, if you’re stretching for the first time you should only be using surgical 316L steel straight tapers – wooden jewellery is perfect when the ear has fully healed but it is not antibacterial therefore you could end up with an infection if using it in unhealed ears. I highly recommend that you change to straight steel tapers as soon as possible.
    Secondly, you should NOT be using hydrogen peroxide to clean your ears! This is way too harsh for your skin and could cause nasty irritations, rashes and burning. You should be using a mild saline (salt and water solution), or unfragranced soap, (Dial antibacterial soap is highly recommended) and washing it as often as you can. The tapers also need to be twisted at least twice a day with clean hands to stop them from sticking (which is why you need straight ones), and you will need to take them out to clean the inside of the lobe as well as the outside.

    The lobe will take up to six weeks to heal properly, so five days is not long enough. Depending on how long your body takes to heal, you should assume that it will take from 2-6 weeks for the ear to be fully healed. It may look ready on the outside but the tissue inside the ear will still be damaged and needs the time to heal or you could end up with a blow out.

    Please don’t take stretching lightly – it’s a permanent feature on your head and you really do need to take the care to do it properly otherwise you could be scarred or end up needing surgery 😦 Take it slowly, clean it with something much less harsh (you shouldn’t be getting bleach on your skin AT ALL), and please change to steel tapers just whilst you stretch; you can use almost any material in your ear once it has been fully healed for 6 weeks!

  9. Thank you. 🙂

  10. HIii, I think this is really good advice. I’m 17, live in the UK and I’ve been stretching my ears since I was 16. I was really stupid with my first lobe (left) and tried to stretch it 3mm at a time. but when i bought my second taper I asked what size it was, and the guy who was selling it said it was a 6mm, I had a 3mm in at the time. So i bought it. When I put it in, it was one of the worst agonies I’ve ever felt. my ear swelled and it was painful for a week. When it came to looking at tunnels and new tapers i got it measured by a different piercing shop and was told it was an 8mm. I leave about 3 months between stretches because I’m cautious about the healing process. I was, admitedly, proud yet upset. Seeing as i went up 5mm I thought a 4mm stretch would be fine so I bought a 12mm taper and did that, It was agony again. I’ll never do that again. Oh, and it has a small tear in it, which I only found 2 months ago (5 months after the 12mm stretch) I would just like to know whether theres any dangers if I restretch it? I would like to have reallly huge tunnels in the future so I am worried. I was so surprised when i stretched my right ear on monday, because it didn’t hurt at all and I went up by 2mm. It went in straight away and really easily. Its had no pain or tenderness. I’ll be stretching it again some time in september.

    I’m very happy I decided to stretch my ears. I’ve had my nose pierced for 2 years now and it is second to my tunnels. I had my belly pierced this year but it got infected so I decided it was best to take it out and let it heal, it also kept catching on my uniform shirt buttons and hurt a lot. I will be getting it re-pierced in March or some time sooner hopefully. And a tattoo is on the list as soon as I can afford it.

    I’d just like to say this blog is really good.

  11. My ears were stretched to 1″, and I admit I went WAY too fast with it, so spare me the “I told you so’s.” Believe me, I’ve learned my lesson. But now on to a problem I have. I downsized to 7/8 after my right ear had what seems to be a blowout. Basically, the lower part of my ear is FLAT and not thick at all. There’s a small tear on the fistula, and when I take out my tunnel, it’s pointed where the injury is. But thats not the extent of the injury. If I look at my lobe on the OUTSIDE, it’s thinner in terms of width. It would appear that it could easily be torn in half leaving me to need 2 stitches to reattach my ear lobe together again. . So what are my options? I take extra care of it now with daily sea salt soaks, Vitamin E oil massages, and daily cleanings with mild soap and warm water.

  12. hey, i stretched my ear and i was a 14mm on a night out i lost the tunnel so decided to put a 12mm in after a few days i went and decided to buy a 16mm as i still had space in the 12mm and thought a 16 would fit i bought a silicone tunnel and poped it in my ear it hurt a little but the pain was ok but i woke up this morning 2 clean it took it out & its bleeding and one side of it seems to have a lump forming with a fresh opend cut on it? do u know what i should do i hope its not a blow out 😦 xxxx

  13. This site rocks!

  14. 🙂 hello,

    i was just wondering, i have recently stretched to a 8mm, and its taking longer to heal that it did with my previous stretches, i know its different for everybody and each stretch but i wanted to know if there are any solutions you can put on your stretched ear to make it heal faster? – or is that not possible. LOL.

    cheeerrss! 😀 x

  15. Hey 🙂 Sorry it’s taken so long for me to get back to you – we have only just got back in the UK! Thank you for your lovely comment, and useful advice! Good luck with the tattoo and your next stretch – sounds like you’ve done a great job so far! Perhaps you should consider a job in piercing; we need more people like you! ;-D

  16. Hello! Apologies for the delay in responding we have just got back in the UK! I know I am probably too late to help now but wanted to respond to you anyway – I normally get back to people in 48 hours!

    You’re absolutely right to take good care of the cleaning. The thinning of the lobe is because the stretch was done too quickly and it does sound like you may have had a blowout where the pressure on the inside of the lobe was too much. You need to remove the taper completely and leave the ear to heal for 6-8 weeks, perhaps more. Continue with cleaning the lobe throughly until it has completely healed. If you find that there is still a problem in a few weeks then you need to visit a doctor who will be able to advise on how your ears can be repaired (usually surgery, unfortunately).
    Once the ear has properly healed I personally don’t advise stretching again because of the thinning in the lobes, and the probability that you have done some tissue damage. Once you have had a tear, you risk it re-opening if you continue to stretch and a piercing specialist will not re-pierce an ear that has scar tissue. So please think very carefully before deciding to stretch your ears again, and if you do make the decision to go ahead then please, please start slowly with a very small gauge. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, as long as you get a good result!

    Good luck, I hope it heals well for you and you are able to stretch to the size you want to 🙂 Feel free to email me if you need anymore advice – I promise to be quicker in responding next time as we have no overseas trips planned for a while yet ;-D

  17. Hello! Apologies for the delay in responding we have just got back in the UK! I know I am probably too late to help now but wanted to respond to you anyway – I normally get back to people in 48 hours!

    First of all you should never use silicon, acrylic OR tunnels to do an initial stretch! All first stretches, (even if you are going up to a bigger size), should be done with a straight steel, titanium or pyrex taper. Acrylic and silicon are not antibacterial and you could easily get an infection – these types of stretcher are purely for healed ears and should only be put in 6-8 weeks AFTER the stretch has healed. You’ll find that tapers go into the ear a lot easier than tunnels, and it sounds like you have had a blowout because of this.

    You need to remove the tunnel completely, keep it clean with salt water soaks and massaging olive oil or vitamin e oil into the lobes will also help with the healing process. You’ll need to leave it 6-8 weeks for it to heal up completely, and you shouldn’t even think about inserting a taper before then. If after 6-8 weeks the ear has not healed properly then you will need to see a GP who can advise on the best course of action to take.

    If the ears HAVE completely healed up then you need to have a good think whether you want to stretch again – previously damaged tissue, like from a tear after stretching, can re-open which is why piercing specialists won’t re-pierce an ear that has scar tissue. If you do decide to take the plunge and stretch again, keep an eye out for thinning of the lobes so that you don’t stretch too far and risk another tear, and please, please use a steel, titanium or pyrex straight taper! You’ll find it makes stretching a lot easier, less painful (although not completely pain-free!) and more hygienic!

    Again apologies for the delay – please feel free to get back to me if you have any more queries and I promise to respond a lot faster next time! I wish you all the best of luck 🙂

  18. Hello! Lots of people get problems with stubborn ears and ears that take longer to heal. There’s no miracle cure, I’m afraid! But there are a few things you can do to help it along a bit 🙂 Vitamin E oil or Olive Oil are known for their re-generation properties and massaged well into the lobes everyday can significantly reduce the time it takes to heal up. It also keeps the lobes moisturised so they don’t dry out after cleaning. The cleaning of them is very important – you need to do this at least twice a day and extra well first thing in the morning because lots of gunk will build up overnight whilst your sleep :-S A salt soak can also help – just bathe them ocassionally in a tepid salt water mix, and make sure you use new bits of cotton wool for each ear. That way you won’t get an infection in them 🙂 If you do use salt soaks it’s a good idea to use the vitamin E oil or olive oil as well because the salt will dry out your lobes and you don’t want them to get sore!

    I think they say; time is the greatest healer, or something like that, and that is definitely true! 😀 But if you keep them clean so there’s no infection and treat them to an oil massage every so often they should heal up fairly quickly 🙂 Just don’t rush into your next stretch!

    If you need anymore advice you know where I am, good luck, have a fab day!

  19. I managed to stretch my ear to 8mm in a week and after reading all of this i now know i did that far to fast. I want to take it out and just go back to a smaller taper. Will this work or would it be best to let it heal?

  20. Hi! Thanks for your email 🙂

    I’m surprised you managed to stretch so far so quickly! But you’re right, that is way too fast and you may have already caused some damage. I’d definitely take it out for now and downsize. If you experience any bleeding when you take it out, or a small lump of skin on the back of the lobe, (a blowout!) then you really need to take the tapers out altogether, let them heal for about 6 weeks, and then you can return to stretching. In the meantime be sure to keep them really clean with a salt water solution or antibacterial soap, and you can help the healing along by rubbing vitamin E oil or Olive oil into the lobe after you have cleaned it to stop it from drying out and help it to heal more quickly.

    I hope this helps! Feel free to email me if you have any more problems, and remember to take stretching far more slowly and carefully in the future – the end result is always worth it! 😉

  21. This site is great, im thinking of stretching my ear to like 4 or 6mm will my ear go back to a normal piercing when i take it out? Stupid question… i know but i just really want to know before i do it 🙂


  22. Help me! I am 99.99% sure I have a blowout.
    I have been stretching my ears for about a year and have been at 12mm for almost 6 months. It wasn’t until the other night when my tunnel fell out while I was asleep that I’ve had problems.

    My left ear tunnel always falls out when I sleep so I wasn’t surprised and just found it n put it back in, it was tender when I put it back in but I just thought it was cos itd shrunk or something, then I woke up today about 3 days since the falling out incident with a big fat blow out.

    Why did it do this?

    I downsized from the 12mm to a 10mm
    Should I go even smaller?
    My mate has 30mm and when his ears blow out he flips it back into his ear are puts his stretcher in from behind. So I did that too and I duno if its gona help.

    its made me angry and I want it to go away,
    Any advice? Please im desperate!

  23. Hello, no, it’s not a stupid question but I do get asked this frequently! 🙂
    There is no guarantee that when you stretch your ears to ANY size it will go back to ‘normal’. There is usually some scarring, and sometimes the hole can stay enlarged. Stretching should be thought of as a permanent body mod – not a temporary fad – so you need to think really hard before stretching your ears at all. Try to think of it more like getting a tattoo than a piercing! 🙂
    Good luck, I hope you make the right decision – if you need any more advice just drop me an email 🙂

  24. Hey!
    It does sound like you’ve had a blowout 😦 Flipping it back into your ear is really not a good way of dealing with it at all – it’s likely that you’ll suffer more blowouts if you try to fix it this way, and could eventually tear your lobe completely.

    Downsizing, however, does help. Although when you have a serious blowout any piercing specialist would recommend removing the taper altogether and leaving it 6 weeks – 2 months for the ear to fully heal. Often blowouts can only be corrected by surgery – your local GP will be able to advise you on this. Personally, I would remove the taper completely, but if you have downsized then see how the ear heals after a couple of weeks – if there is no sign of healing after 2 weeks and the blowout is still present, then you really do need to take out that taper, and see your doctor or at least a piercing specialist who can take a look and advise you on what to do next – it’s hard for me to advise without actually seeing the ear.

    Keep the lobe really clean – wash it at least twice a day and give it salt water soaks every so often. Always use a different piece of cotton wool/cleaning material for each ear so as not to spread any infection. You should also massage olive oil or vitamin e oil onto the lobe – this helps the lobe to heal faster as it has tissue regenerating properties, and it will also help to keep the ear from drying out whilst you use the salt soaks.

    I don’t recommend pushing it back in though – in the long-term you will do more tissue damage and suffer from more blowouts if you decide to stretch anymore. Leave it for the two weeks and see how it goes – if during that time you experience discomfort, then take it out straight away and continue with the cleaning.

    I hope this helps a bit. Don’t be angry – everyone’s different and some people’s bodies take to stretching better than others. If you need any more advice I’ll be here for you, but in the meantime if you can visit a piercing specialist then I highly recommend it 🙂

    Good luck!

  25. Hi, i recently stretched my ear to a size 6 for my first time on sunday. it bleed and some pus came out. my cousin told me to wait for 3 days for it to completely heal and to clean it that day. so on the third day (tuesday) i took out the stretchers and both holes were still bleeding very much. this worries me. i strongly feel that i should take them out. but i didn’t, for i thought this was normal. the next day (today, wednesday), i clean my holes and theres crust and is still bleeding a little bit.
    i’m deciding to leave them off. i probably won’t put them back on again. now my question is for these 4 days i had them on, will the size of my ears go back to normal?

  26. Hi I had my ears stretched before to 00g and had to take them out for work and since then gone down to very small size and its been about a year and I recently re-stretched .I started with a 0g so I went back to a large gauge really quick..and my ears are fine just a tiny bit of bleeding.. im planning on stretching to 5/8 of course not right away but I need to know if I should of gone slower ..

  27. hey, my ears have healed fine but on 1 ear at the bottom it has a large deposit of skin, its realy chuncky as the other ear is completely round n thin around the edges, the ear with the fat bottom skin use to have a blister on it n i think still has a small 1 which canot be clearly seen, what happened there or wat explains it, and also would ther ebe anyway or healing it?

  28. I have been stretching my lobes for about a year now. My left lobe stretches with ease but my right, which has quite a bit of scar tissue takes much longer to stretch. I am constantly going down a size and then going back up. Recently I went back up a size (4mm) and found that it was a bit tender which is not out of the ordinqary for me. I have been putting vitamin e oil on it and cleaning it with spectro jel. This morning when I woke up it was hot,swollen and my lobe was hard this scared me so I went down two sizes. I am currently icing it and it seems to be less hard now, but it still painful and oozing. What should I do?

  29. p.s . this right lobe has had a blow out in the and has a small rip. but I am determined to have my ears stretched, I think it is a beautiful way to express yourself. I am only planning on going up to a 0 gauge.

  30. which way does the spike thingy go in? does it go in with the spikey bit out infront or behind?

  31. Can I just say it’s nice to see someone giving out good advice in regards to ear stretching 🙂
    I’ve been stretching for 3 years or so & finding the right advice is hard sometimes. Too many people think bleeding, puss & whatnot is normal & in some cases even desireable. Nice to see people putting the record straight.

  32. Awesome Tips! Would you be interested in writing some ear Stretching articles us? Get back to me an let me know. Also there is a forum that needs some pruning of good advice, would you be interested in that? http://www.earstretching.net

  33. Alright, I’ve had my ears stretched to 1 9/16 for about 4 months, and second holes to about 11mm. In my largers holes I wore glass plugs till they healed, then once the heal I used bocote wooden plugs, whichs really messed my ears up, the swelled up very bad, and started pusing. It’s been about a month since then, my left ear is fine, but my right ear has been scanning over and I’ve been getting nasty gunk on it..
    I clean it twice, maybe three times a day, but after each time I clean, my ear lobe constantly drains some clear fluid from it, which I’m not sure what it is, it’s quite a bit of fluids too..
    I’m curious in what’s happening, and what I should do about it.
    Thank you.

  34. Scabbing*
    not scanning.

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