Don’t forget to check our Charity Sales!

Well, Christmas has come and gone almost as quickly as it came, (except for the leftovers – our fridge is currently over-flowing with tasty cheese, meats and chocolate…), and the New Year is upon us. We hope everyone had as good a time as we did – so many people suffered from illness over the festove period! I had the flu, but thankfully it didn’t stop me from chowing down on a hearty Christmas dinner, and buffet on Boxing Day… 

We’ve decided that it’s time we started using the shop to do more for charity – we already make a monthly donation to Oxfam, and I’m planning on doing a walk in June for Kidney Research UK – a charity I hold close to my heart, as I had a major kidney operation a couple of years back to fix a duplex kidney, (meaning I had three kidneys instead of two!). It made me very ill, and it’s with thanks to charities like this one that my operation was a complete success and I can carry on with my life even healthier than I was before.

I bought Paul a couple of Oxfam Unwrapped gifts for his Christmas present, and I highly recommend anyone looking for a gift to do the same. Paul was thrilled with his gift of school dinners for 200 children, and a “market trader makeover”, which involves Oxfam teaching farmers how to form co-operatives to get a fair price for their food, and give them regular transport to markets. Just visit: for more information.

Or, you can now donate to charities through The Krafty Lady! or . We have  number of charity sales coming up – some of them will be for silly things we’ve found in the cupboard, others are for fab wholesale lots of items we found in the shop – and it’s all for a good cause. All of our charity sales are on auction, and I’ve been trying to pick charities that mean something to us, so please, PLEASE bid generously – we are giving a massive 70% MINIMUM donation to charities, plus our own personal donation on top of that! I think eBaying for charity is a fantastic idea, and we’ll be continuing it all year round (there’s a possibility we’ll be listing new charity auctions every Friday… but I’ll keep you posted) – it’s a great way to get rid rid of some of your old stuff, too, so why not have a clear out and register with eBay and MissionFish to sell for charity on eBay? I’m bundling some of my old clothes up (I have enough), and starting them at a low, low price, so please get bidding and do your bit to give a little to charity this year!

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