Lost in the Blinding Whiteness

The whiteness… the endless…ness… Stretching on beyond the huuuuuman imagination. Desolation of the soul. OOOH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!

That pretty much sums up my feelings over the past few weeks. I knew that running a business would be hard work, and I love it – don’t get me wrong! But I am finding it hard to make a choice between working hard and keeping in touch with my friends – something I appear to be pretty crap at recently ūüė¶ So I’ve decided that for the next few weeks I’ll be working one 24 hour day a week so that I can use the quiet of night to reply to all my friends and keep up with what everyone’s been up to!

Apart from feeling a bit low because we’ve both been missing out on some serious ‘friend action’, the shop has been through a lot of changes – all good, we hope! So things on that front are very well indeed. The front page has had a bit of a move around so you’ll notice that certain links are on the other side of the page now! We were getting so many categories that our other pages like our stretching guide and charity page links were disappearing off the bottom of the page so that’s been sorted out now which is great news.

We’ve also had so much new stock into the shop it’s been hard to find the time to list it all! But we got there in the end. There’s some great new ranges – including more surgical steel ear tapers than we’ve ever had before, including spikes in various sizes, claws and some very cool “nail” effect 4mm stretchers!

There’s lots of new sterling silver jewellery, some very cool pewter Gothic pendants, new Gothic¬†armoured rings (which are pretty hardcore!), LOTS more bags including coffin vanity cases, new coffin¬†wallets, Fair Trade bags and wallets….. so quite a lot! In other sections of the shop you’ll find a much wider range of things – our incense and candles section is slowly being added to and we’ll be extending the range in there soon. Also if you’re a bit of a schmoker on the quiet check out the new R2-D2 Bongs! They’re really funky – also got some other great bongs and some awesome little pipes in there. Again we’re expanding our range all of the time – especially aince I’m constantly frustrated that we haven’t got enough stuff ūüôā

So it’s a really exciting time for us right now, if a little busy! It’s also really great to see the Facebook groups and fanpages are going up – would love to see some more people at “Ning”; our own social network (http://thekraftylady.ning.com) but it’s so nice to see the huge amount of support we have. Even more so as I haven’t had time to keep in touch with everyone recently, so everyone’s been really patient with me and I really, REALLY appreciate that.

On that note I will be emailing out to our Facebook friends this week to give them our brand new 10% Discount promo code – so if you want to be in on that you need to join our Facebook group – just search for “The Krafty Lady” in the search bar and our group and Fanpage will come up!

That’s about it for now – there’s lots more to write about but I am in such a hurry once again to get some more bits in the shop and have it looking nice! Hope to see you all at Ning and on Facebook, and thanks again for all of the support and kind messages we have had so far!