Nope, We HAVEN’T Closed! Back Online This Week! :-)

Hey all!


Wow, it seems like ages ago I started doing a complete overhaul of the shop, but it was actually only a week…. 🙂 Anyway, just to keep you lovely wonderful amazing people updated on the situation, we WILL be back online this week.

Basically, we are desperate to sell more Fair Trade items, because everyone seems to love them, we love them, and they’re really cool products; so you’re going to see a lot more of them in the next couple of months.

Our jewellery section is also expanding – the new stock is coming in over the next couple of days and I’m almost wetting my pants I’m so excited! There’s some really nice pieces.

We will, of course, still be doing body jewellery and ear stretchers – in fact, we’re going all-out and expanding the section, so they’ll be a lot more choice, including larger size stretchers, gemstone stretchers and some other cool surprises!

And our Witchcraft/Spiritual section is also expanding – there are some really nice handmade wands going in, plus lots more which I don’t want to reveal because it will ruin the surprise!

We’re also making sure our office is as green as it can be; We’ve got 100% Recycled Jiffy Bags, 100% Recycled Paper (plus we’re now able to recycle all of our old paper, thanks to the recycling Blue Box scheme we’ve just signed up to), energy-saving light bulbs will also be fitted in my shiny new office, which is nearly ready! Yay! And a whole list of other things we’re planning to do.
On this note, if anyone knows where I can get some eco-friendly sellotape, parcel tape and business cards I’d appreciate the heads-up! We’re still looking – I don’t understand why recycled things are so damn expensive, when they’re made from old rubbish! 🙂 I know, I know, it’s the factory process to get the paper back to paper…. but still 🙂

You might notice some other changes, too; but I’m not going to spoil anymore surprises! I’m working hard at the moment to get  the shop back online, and it should be ready by Sunday, so please bear with me – and thanks so much to all of you who have been to the shop and emailed me to let me know it’s offline! 🙂 We will be back and we are still The Krafty Lady, just slightly new and improved! BUT THE SAME GREAT PRICES.

I’ll send out another email once we are open, thanks again for all your support during this mental time!


Oh! And don’t forget, we’re now available at:

as well as


A Week in France – 2008

More adventures in the sunny South of France – a picture slideshow with music.

Music: Barenaked Ladies – Another Postcard


To make way for all of our lovely new Fair Trade and Ethical stock, plus our cool new Body Jewellery, we’re having a HUGE sale! LOTS of our items are now half price or less, so check it out at the link below and see if there’s anything that you fancy! I’ll be adding more items continuously over the next few days so if you can’t see anything now check back later – it all has to go!

And don’t forget if you spend £10 or more in September 2008 we’ll give you a 15% Discount code; just in time for all our lovely new items, and the dreaded Festive Season! So you can treat yourself or a friend to something Fair Trade, Ethical and guilt-free! 🙂