Good morning!

I do hope this cloudy weather will clear up soon – I’m starting to forget what the sun looks like!

We have been keeping very quiet at The Krafty Lady HQ recently, as we have been plotting the changes that are going to be coming about at the shop. It’s happening, slowly but surely, and we don’t want to ruin any of the exciting plans we’ve got by letting them slip 😉 It’s all very cloak and dagger….

It’s been hard these past couple of months what with the economy being the way it is, and, let’s be honest nobody’s got any money to spend – certainly not on clothing accessories when the price of food is so much higher these days, but we are keeping our prices as low as we can so that when you do decide to treat yourself you can do so without having to feel guilty about it! We’re actually hoping to primarily stock body jewellery, handmade and Fair Trade items soon – we’re not sure when the crossing over date will be as there’s lots to get in place, and the cogs have been turning for what feels like months already! But we will get there – thanks to everyone’s support and some hard work! And eventually I’ll be having an over-haul on the design of the website. A lot to do between the two of us! But it’s great fun and we can’t wait to get stuck in.

As for the Fair Trade side of things, you people love it! As do we, so we’re really glad that we’re going to be able to stock more of it. The price of Fair Trade items has now gone up slightly; this is due to the rising fuel prices as often Fair Trade products travel hundreds of air miles and land miles, plus the cost of the raw materials (eg cotton) has also risen considerably. We will not be passing these price hikes on to our customers, and will do everything we can to charge a fair price. It is Fair Trade, after all!

Finally, (because I realise this gone has gone on a bit, but I haven’t spoken to you for a while), you can now find us at our brand new web address (as well as the old ones!)


So now we’re even easier to find! Don’t forget also  if you find us on Facebook and join our groups and Fanpage we’ll send out discount codes JUST for Facebook Friends!

That about wraps it up for now. Thanks for taking the time to read this and stand by us! I’ll be in touch soon to let you know about new stock items and other exciting things! 🙂

Until next time…..

Viki and Paul
The Krafty Lady