Busy… Busy… Busy… But Not on the High Street

It’s been really busy in the shop for the past few weeks, which is great to see! In fact, I’ve had trouble keeping up on my own, but we’ve done really well to get everybody’s orders out on time – and this is really a reminder that if you want to purchase something, please do it soon to guarantee delivery before Christmas – there have still been international orders flooding in, and although we post them as soon as the order is paid for, delivery is out of our hands once we hand it over to the Royal Mail, (and we all know what they’re like!).

I was watching the news this morning, (I’ve found that since we have started running the business, the news seems to be on a lot more – I even watch programmes like Working Lunch……. And understand them! *shiver*), and saw that High Street Sales have slumped. You would think that I’d be happy with this fact – as we run entirely on line and have no plans to start a High Street shop, but it rather saddens me! I originally come from Canterbury, which has had some amazing changes in the past few years – and good ones at that.
I remember when they first started knocking the old parts of Canterbury down, and having discussions with everyone at how rubbish the new town was going to be, and why they couldn’t leave anything alone! But the results are really impressive. And, despite what people say, the small independent shops that you find in the little back streets are now beginning to see more business coming in thanks to all of the nice developements and new walkways the council have bothered to put in to attract people to that part of the town.
And I miss those little shops! Ashford, unfortunately, has nothing like this – the odd few quirky shops that have been here have come and gone fairly quickly, and they were fun whilst they lasted. But the reality is, we set up The Krafty Lady for people who live in towns like ours – where it’s impossible to get funky accessories and unique gifts, not to take the business away from the High Street.
So, I’m urging you, if you live in a place that DOES have cool independent shops run by real hard-working people who CARE about their businesses, then use them! 🙂 I’m not saying don’t come to us, (gosh, that would be terrible!), but we’ve got to work together to get business back on to our High Streets, or before long they might well disappear to online shopping and Tesco. We certainly wouldn’t want this – next year we hope to be out and about at Craft Fairs and Festivals, and there’ll be no point in doing that if you’ve already bought everything online! 🙂

So, back to business at the shop…. I’ve been so busy advertising this week it’s unreal! I knew we had to advertise ourselves to get free publicity, but it’s been a real challenge trying to think of new ways to get our name out there, without annoying anybody! 🙂 I think we’ve done pretty well though. We’re still working hard on the graphics for our new website which will *hopefully* be launched in around March/April time next year, so that’s definitely something to look forward to. But other than that it’s mostly posting for me at the moment!

I’d still love you to send in some of your photos in our gear, and we’ll get some sort of montage thing going on in our MySpace and Facebook pages, so just drop your photos via email to me at: thekraftylady@googlemail.com and become a model for The Krafty Lady! We guarantee not to use any of the pics anywhere else unless we have your permission, but it’s not to be taken too seriously – a bit of fun and a way to put a name to a face!

So I’m going to leave it at that for now…. and remind you all again that last posting day is looming upon us! Have a good day people – back with more updates after the weekend! ;-D

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  1. I think that is a great attitude to have towards the high street, I wonder if a Krafty Lady shop would be a useful addittion to our soul-less clown town though? It gets my vote….

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